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Graduate Student
School of Information Science and Technology
ShanghaiTech University


Room 1A-311, SIST Building
393 Middle Huaxia Road
Pudong, Shanghai, 201210, China


Email: penglz at

About Me (CV)

I was a master student at ShanghaiTech, advised by Professor Manolis. I did my undergraduate at Zhejiang University.

I seek mathematical or algorithmic answers to the questions that arise in machine learning, computer vision, signal processing. The problems of interest to me include (but are not limited to)

1. homomorphic sensing (read this)
1.1. real phase retrieval
1.2. symmetric mixture of two linear regressions
1.3. unlabeled sensing
1.3.1. linear regression without correspondences
1.3.2. unlabeled ordered sensing
2. point set registration
3. matrix completion
4. robust PCA

In research I use tools from algebraic geometry and optimization. I am conducting research into homomorphic sensing using algebraic-geometric methods.


[July 21, 2021]
Homomorphic Sensing of Subspace Arrangements accpeted to 「Appl Comput Harmon Anal
[May 10, 2021]
I defended my master thesis (slide).
[May 8, 2021]
One paper about sparse homomorphic sensing has been accepted to ICML 2021.
[May 1, 2021]
One paper about unsigned matrix completion has been accepted to ISIT 2021.
[March 13, 2021]
I accepted the PhD offer from Johns Hopkins (Advisor: Prof René Vidal). See you soon at Baltimore.
[January 26, 2021]
Check our new manuscript about unlabeled principal component analysis (arXiv).
[December 27, 2020]
Have a look at the new version of our homomorphic sensing paper on arXiv.
[September 2018 –> Now]
I am doing research under the supervision of Professor Manolis C. Tsakiris.
[Spring 2018]
served as a teaching assistant for the course Advanced Geometry (lecture notes).